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Episode 4
Thursday, May 28th

4:00 – 5:00 PM

Episode 4 we’re happy to be sitting down with Bryan Shering! Bryan is an artisan with 20 years of experience in home improvement and construction-related industries. For the last six years he has been working as a full-time professional home inspector and has amassed over twenty-five hundred completed home inspections. Bryan is very passionate about what he does, noticeably by all of his accomplishments including being a certified home inspector, a level one Infrared Thermographer for building investigation, a WETT certified fireplace and wood stove inspector and a graduate of Sheridan College’s Home and Property Inspection program.

Topics We’ll Be Covering

✅Common concerns people have prior to inspections

✅Common Problems During Home Inspections

✅Best ways to deal with mold

✅Why would someone want a WETT inspection?

✅Determining water damage

✅Home inspection limitations due to COVID-19

✅Dealing with first time buyers

✅Different types of inspections

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