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Tiny Homes

With limited space and limited budgets, it can be difficult to find a comfortable and affordable space to call home. We have a solution. Affordable Tiny Housing is now official and government approved for the private market.

Did you know that the City of Toronto has a grant program of up to $50K you can put towards your Tiny Home, depending on your location?


Why BUY a tiny home?

Affordable home solutions


As we all know, affordable homes are in high demand.  It is time everyone knows how easy it can be to own.  For those living in rural areas, we can bring the grid to you.  Our Energy Systems partner grid solutions to keep your utility costs low.  It helps you and the environment through enabling more sustainable living.  Book a call to learn more!

Passive Income

Tiny Homes provide an excellent opportunity to generate rental income.

Additional Space

Grandparents living with parents or kids still in the nest? Need more space for the family or guests? How about a fresh workspace, gallery or studio? A Tiny Home can provide that essential extra space you have been dreaming about.


Whether you are looking for one Tiny Home or you are an investor looking to set up multiple Tiny Homes (ex. AirBnB), we ship anywhere.  Our Tiny Homes are built to spec order. Each design can be customized to suit your individual needs.  Talk to us about energy grids if you want to be 100% sustainable off grid.  This is 100% possible with our Energy systems partner.

We have private lending mortgage/loan and government grant options.  Reach out to us. We would be delighted to help you achieve your dream.

10 + 9 =


Elegant Designs




1 Bedroom

1 Bathroom

Loft Space

Variety of Interior Wall Options

Open Concept Kitchen and Living Room

Much much more…

Create your own Approximately 400 sq ft.

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