Leverage your laneway

Laneway Suites

A recent regulation allows homeowners in certain cities across Ontario to take full advantage of their laneways by transforming them into housing units.

Why Build a Laneway Suite?

Providing affordable home solutions


As we all know, our laneways are often under-utilized. Now, you can take full advantage of your laneway by getting a laneway suite. This new regulation is appealing to many homeowners as we see significant decreases in available housing and increases in costs.

Passive Income

Laneway suites provide an excellent opportunity to generate rental income.

Additional Space

Kids still in the nest? Need more space for the family or guests? How about a fresh workspace, gallery, or studio? A laneway suite can provide that essential extra space you’ve been yearning for.


Each design can be customized to suit your individual needs.


Elegant Designs



Interior Spaces & Experiences

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