This is one INFORMATION PACKED episode! If you are an investor or you have just been thinking of getting into the market, tune in to this episode as Michelle Carty delves into a number of topics including:
  • Investment properties and Investing in yourself
  • Success leaves clues. The importance of following those that have done it before and educating yourself
  • HOT markets – Strong markets
  • Getting preconstruction properties under market value 
  • What factors are considered when purchasing preconstruction
  • What is a phantom close
  • Barriers to getting into real estate investing
  • Mark Purdy’s investment strategy
  • What is a BRS investment strategy
  • Importance of using an agent with your investments
  • Working with Compassion and Commitment, from Conception to Completion
  • Pricing homes accurately and doing your homework
  • Understanding your buying power
  • The effects of COVID on Canadas economy